Tuesday, 1 November 2022


 At our last Guild meeting we had a 'beanie' event.  Members were invited to bring their collection of hand made hats - knitted and crocheted.  I had not heard of an event like this but they are popular around the world.  It all started in Australia. I quote the web site - 'The event began with a 'beanie party' organised by Adi Dunlop.......  The festival was organised to sell beanies crocheted by Aboriginal women in remote communities.' 

Read more at this web site.  


Our event was more modest but people brought their own 'beanies' and what a lot of stories emerged. 

The hats spread out over several tables and hung on an imaginative stand.

Members who brought hats, talked about the design, method of making, and why they were made. It was fascinating.

Here are some close up pictures.

 I loved this purple creation.

If you have not read this book - do - its a celebration of the older woman.

This was a lovely event and we are thinking of having it every year.  it gives a chance for members to talk about their work and for others to appreciate the creativity and the care in making.  Plus, there were many useful tips for knitters. 

Susan J Foulkes 1st November 2022

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