Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Bath Mat in double weave

I wanted a hand woven bath mat for my bathroom. The tiles have a black and white pattern of squares so a double weave mat in white and black would be perfect.

The Drawdown 

Drawdown showing one side of the mat in the double weave structure

This is a two shuttle weave. The weft is alternately white and black.

Drawdown showing the other side of the mat in the double weave structure

The warp is threaded alternately black and white and is woven with two shuttles alternating black and white. The colour order for the weft is not shown on the second drawdown.

Warp and weft: 3/2 cotton in black and white. I used a unmercerised cotton 3/2 cotton which is very absorbent.

Sett: cotton  3/2 sett at 10 epi

It is a double warp therefore 20 ends per inch. Make the warp with two ends, one black and one white.

It is always difficult to weave exact squares in double weave. I wove the same number of picks as the warp. The squares looked square on the loom but after washing they became oblongs.

As you can see, the pattern is a white border then a black block, white strip, black block, white strip, black block then border.
The warp is made using white and black threads alternately. To make the first set of 16 black and 16 white, take the black and white ends together and make 16 of these double warp ends. These are threaded alternately. For the second group of 60 black and 60 white, take a white and black thread together and make 60 of these double warp ends. Continue until the full warp is made.
i use a warping frame and when i warp with two ends together, I make sure that the two ends are ekpt apart on my fingers as i pass the ends around the pegs. Try to ensure the ends do not twist around each other when making the warp;.

black  16  60  12  60  12  60  16
white   16  60  12  60  12  60  16

Total number of warp ends:  236

The border on each side has 16 black and 16 white ends
The blocks have  60 black and 60 white ends.ends
The white strips have  12 black and 12 white ends

Side with black oblongs

Side with white oblongs

Mat turned so that you can see both sides. 
Finished size of the mat after washing. 

Length: 31.5 inches (80 cm)
Width: 19.5 inches (49.5 cm)

I was very pleased with the mat once it was off the loom. It sits on the tiled floor without slipping and looks really effective with the black and white tiles.

Of course, it also goes very well with the handtowels I wove last month.

In 2000 - 2001, I studied at Bradford for my HNC in Handwoven Textile Design.  One of the assignments was to explore architecture as a source for inspiration and produce a range of items.  I looked back at my files and found my samples of double weave.  I used them to design the bath mat.

They were in response to the Casa Battlo in Barcelona. This is my picture of the internal stairwell.  I was fascinated by the way in which Gaudi had used shading to bring the light down into the stairwell. The tiles shaded upwards so that the top of the stairwell is darker blue and resembles the sky when looking up.  The bottom of the stairwell is white to reflect the light.

Top of stairwell

Here are my original two samples of double weave. I used five shades of blue 16/2 cotton.

Nowadays you can go on a virtual tour.


Happy Weaving

Susan J Foulkes May 2018