Sunday, 1 December 2019

Weaving for Christmas

Making Christmas tree decorations from woven narrow bands.

Three Christmas tree decorations.


You will need
a narrow woven band
9 beads and two small beads.

First weave a narrow band approximately 45 cm in length.

You can adjust the length of the 'branches' of the tree as you make the band rather than deciding the length before you start. Different sizes of bead will also alter the overall length of band required.

Step by step instructions

Equipment needed

1.  You will need:
 a length of woven band, two sizes of bead, scissors, long needle, thread.

measuring and placing a dot on the fabric

2.  Make a small fold at one end of the band. Measure along the band and place a dot with a pen at these intervals.

7 cm, 6.5 cm, 5.5 cm, 4 cm, 4.5 cm, 4 cm, 3 cm, 2.5 cm

the bottom of the tree decoration

3.  Fold the band. take the needle and thread through the first dot and then through the folded end of the band. Thread the needle through the larger bead and then the smaller bead. 

The first two beads in place

4.  Take the thread through the layers of the woven band and the two beads. Then thread the needle through the larger bead and back through the band.  This secures the bottom of the tree decoration.

Fastening the yarn with a secure knot.

5. Now fasten the yarn securely.

Adding more beads

6.  Take the needle through the third large bead, then the next dot on the band and finally the next bead.

7.  Continue until you reach the final bead.  Thread a small bead as well at the top of the tree.

Securing the top.

8.  Secure the top beads in the same way as the bottom two beads by taking the thread back through the larger bead.

Finishing the top 

9.  Take the thread back through the top two beads.

10.  Make a loop and tie securely.  This is the hanging loop for the tree decoration.

11. Finally, trim the thread. Trim the woven band.  Use Fray Check to stop the band unravelling.
The decoration is finished.

Seasons Greetings to everyone and best wishes for a peaceful New Year.

Susan J Foulkes  December 2019