Making a warp for simple band weaving.

Here is some information about setting up to weave a simple narrow band using a backstrap and a rigid heddle. There are several processes you have to do before you can start to weave. All crafts have their own vocabulary however, it is much simpler to see a process than to try to explain it by still photographs and words.

I made two YouTube videos a number of years ago.

1. Winding a warp for patterned band weaving

This is my video showing how to make a warp for narrow band weaving.

Once the warp is made it is important to secure the non-weaving end of the warp. Put a length of sturdy cotton around the the loop at the end of the warp.  This loop will be fixed to the warping post. Tie a piece of cotton very firmly around the bundle of warp ends. It is very important that the warp ends do not slide when threading the heddle and when weaving. You can see the yellow tie which is keeping the warp ends together.

Non-weaving end of warp showing the ties

2. Threading the rigid heddle for patterned band weaving

The warp is for a patterned band where the pattern threads are used double and threaded through a hole or a slot. However the process is the same for simple band weaving. There is a separate page for threading the heddle on my blog with plenty of pictures.

Four videos

The next set of four videos were made by a Finnish weaver but they are very clear for the basics of setting up and starting to weave using a backstrap.

1. Making a warp with a singles cross

In this video the weaver is making a warp with a singles cross.  She is using two chairs to make the warp.  The singles cross is carefully tied so that the ends remain in the correct order for threading the heddle.

2. Another method of making a warp.

In this YouTube video the weaver is making a warp by collecting all lthe warp threads together.  She is cutting the warp ends so that they are all the same length.  She shows how the warp is threaded through the slots and holes of a rigid heddle.

Threading the heddle.

In this video she is showing how to thread a warp through the slots and holes of the heddle using the singles cross which has been carefully tied after making the warp. She demonstrates how to save a warp so that it does not get tangled.

3. Weaving a narrow band using a backstrap.

In this video she demonstrates weaving a simple narrow band.

4. Winding the warp onto different shuttles. 

In this video she demonstrates how to wind the weft onto different shuttles and how to start weaving a narrow band.  She weaves a simple band first and then demonstrates how to weave a patterned band

Making a warp with two singles crosses. 

Here is another video by Ashford looms showing the process with two single crosses in the warp. For band weaving I only make one singles cross as the warp is generally much shorter.

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