Weaving patterned bands.

Three ways of using a double slotted heddle.

A backstrap.

I am weaving 13 thread heart patterns for bookmarks. 
I use a double slotted heddle (the Sunna heddle) and back strap to weave patterned bands.  This is a very portable set of equipment and easy to set up.  The picture shows the Gehpa curved shuttle which is excellent for making pick ups.  The far end of the warp is looped around a G-clamp which I usually attach to a window ledge.

The band lock is a lovely invention which enables the band to be tensioned quickly.  You can use a 'clip-it' or even a pin instead. 

A small rigid heddle loom.

This is a Sámi  pattern with 11 pattern threads. 

I also use my double slotted heddle in a small rigid heddle loom. 

The heddle needs to be a reasonable distance from the fell of the band.  It is not used to beat the weft!  The weft is beaten in using the side of the shuttle.

When setting up the warp, it is important to keep the warp wide at the warp beam. Separate out the layers with cardboard or paper when winding on.

An adapted loom.
Weavers are an ingenious group of people.  They are always keen to adapt their equipment for their own use.  Here is another example which you may find interesting.

Peter Fox from Cumbria adapted an old rigid heddle loom to take the double slotted heddle.  Here are his photographs.

A simple but effective holder for the double slotted heddle.

The double slotted heddle has been fixed into a frame. This frame can then be lifted and slotted into  place or lowered and slotted into place. This leaves  both hands free for weaving. 

The spread of warp ends using a heddle means that the heddle needs to be at a distance from the fell of the band and still be in a comfortable position for weaving.  

A loom needs to be long enough to accommodate this.  Peter  made a new ‘castle’ to take the double slotted heddle. He tried two new longer side pieces and experimented until he had the right balance between getting a better spread of the warp and not having the heddle too far away.

In the UK, Peter sells the Sunna double slotted heddle and the Gehpa shuttle and other heddles from STOORSTÅLKA.  He also stocks double slotted heddles with 5, 7 and 9 shorter slots.  These are smaller heddles and will fit onto some inkle looms.  

E-mail for details: peterfox@sharpedgecumbria.co.uk  

He is also willing to modify looms for those who do not want to tackle this themselves.

Durham Weaver

July 2014


  1. Hello, I would like to try band weaving as I make crochet bags and love the idea of using these for handles. Can you tell me where I can get the wooden band lock (?) with the hooks that you tie around your waist. Thank you. Reba

  2. The Swedish outlet is Vavkompaniet. http://www.vavkompaniet.se/tools-for-textile-craft/weaving-tools/band-weave-holder.html
    They do mail order.
    If you live in the US then vavstuga supply the band lock

    Happy weaving.

  3. Thank you for your help. Which of your books is best for explaining how to warp the Sunna heddle? I have the 13 because I need to make a strap for a backpack I have made. It looks very daunting, a lot of holes! Reba


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