Interesting blogs and web sites

I will be adding interesting blogs and web sites to this section.

1.  Annie MacHale has a wonderfully colourful blog about weaving narrow bands. Follow her blog at:

2. Laila Duran is a talented photographer and has published a number of stunning books about traditional costume in Sweden and Norway. Follow her blog at:

3.  The Braid Society have a Facebook page  Braids and Bands at

4.  Arachne's Blog: Past and present This is a very informative site about weaving, textiles and craft

5.  Tablet Weaving: A very informative site by Lise Raeder Knudsen a renowned expert on ancient (and modern) tablet weaving.

6.  This blog is very informative: The Norwegian Textile Letter.  You can download or print the issues.

7.  Laverne Waddinton is an inspirational teacher,  Her blog is wonderful.

8.  Here is a lovely blog from the author of Norwegian Pick-up Band Weaving.

9.  Another beautifully presented blog about inkle loom weaving.There are lots of original ideas for uses for woven bands. A real treasure chest

10. Here is the web site for the Crushed Chilli Gallery in Durham which sells works by local crafts people.

11.  Here is a lovely web site which has many patterns for Sami band weaving.

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