Thursday, 1 August 2019

Inspiration red and blue

Huck Lace squares on 6 shafts.

I have a stash of yarn which is too large.  Tidying my room earlier in the year I found two cones of very fine linen.  It is 1/33 singles linen in blue and red.  Why did I buy it? I have no idea but it obviously looked inviting at the time.

two cones of 1/33 linen
I thought that I would experiment with a lace weave and make a summer weight scarf. I made a long warp and wove a short sample. I wanted to check the sett and I was not sure whether the weft should be thicker.

I found that I had made a threading error.  I cut off the sample and washed it. I was very pleased with the way the lace weave showed up with the two colours.   The sett was fine.
I corrected my threading error and I was now ready to start.


navy blue         100      100      100     
red              30       100      100       30

Weft same as warp

Epi: 40 epi  using a 10 reed there are 4 ends in each dent.

I started and finished the length with 12 picks in plain weave in the navy blue linen
Alternate the colours so that there are 100 picks of navy blue then 100 picks of red.

The Weave Chart

Huck lace squares on 6 shafts.

The squares are made up of multiples of 10 warp ends. each of the squares on this weave chart has 20 ends. The squares can be any size but need to be a multiple of 10 warp ends.

The first block is threaded:  2 5 2 5 2  1 6 1 6 1   This is 10 ends. Multiply upwards to increase the size of the squares.
The second block is threaded: 2 3 2 3 2 1 4 1 4 1  This is 10 ends. Multiply upwards to increase the size of the squares.

When tying onto the front beam, I had to use very small bouts and also I had to stroke the threads to ensure that the tension was equal.

I started the scarf with 10 picks of plain weave using the blue linen.  I beat firmly. 

Huck lace squares on 6 shafts


I was pleasantly surprised that the weaving was so easy.  I had thought that the very fine singles yarn would be difficult but there were no breakages.
The yarn was strong but stiff and springy whilst weaving.  The scarf softened considerably after washing.

To finish the warp ends, I plaited them in small groups.

Close up of the squares.
The linen has a slight slub which shows up in the plain weave squares.


                length            width

before         84 in           13.5in

after            81 in            13 in

A really lovely summer weight scarf and my stash is reduced a little!

The completed scarf.

Susan J Foulkes  August 2019