Uses for woven bands

Handwoven bands have many uses.

These include: personalised luggage straps/handles, luggage tabs, bookmarks, towel tags, curtain tabs, key fobs and  lanyards. Lanyards are not just useful for name badges but also for keys, whistles etc.

Other uses: collars for pets; leads and leashes; guitar straps; curtain tie backs; textile jewellery, e.g, chokers, collars and wrist straps, belts and garment trims.

A delicate silk band would make a lovely personal touch for a bridal bouquet or fastening on a special present. Handfasting bands can be a lovely personal gift.


My Weaving Bag.

I embellished a bag last year to use when I run workshops.  I wove two bands for the straps and made four applique hearts to go on the front. I had fun decorating the front of the bag.

A Key Holder.

My friend Tamaki, made this useful key holder as a gift for me.
It is knitted with strong weaving wool on 2.5mm needles.

The knitted bell shape keeps keys together and the strap can be attached to the inside of a bag.


The keys are attached to a large key ring on a woven band. This is pulled up so that the keys are protected by the woolen holder. It can be clipped to the inside of a bag.

A cushion cover.

This lovely cushion cover was made by Steve who attended my workshop at Summer School.  He carefully wove a number of bands and interlaced them to make the cover. 

An Unique Necklace.

My husband gave me this lovely silver necklace for our 25th wedding anniversary.  He wanted a necklace that could hold a sample of woven band. He took his idea to  Steven Gregory ,a designer and goldsmith, who made this beautiful necklace. The bands lengths are held in the rectangular holders and can be taken out and changed.  I can choose a design to match my outfit and I like to wear it when teaching band weaving. I can display one band or two. It is just perfect.

Two holders for bands of different widths.
Necklace with silk woven band.

Embellishments for costumes.

I was in Buxton recently and watched a lively performance from Powderkegs Border Morris.  Their costumes were colourful and the dancing streams of coloured ribbons added to the performance.  Here is another use for woven bands!

Musicians and dancers
The swinging ribbons

   I am sure that you will be able to think of other ways of using woven bands.  Do let me know so that I can add to this list.  This lovely blog by aspinnerweaver  has a very long list of ideas.                         

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