Monday, 1 July 2019

Narrow band weaving for a heddle and shuttle pouch

Heddle and Shuttle Pouch.

I made some small pouches to hold a rigid heddle and shuttle. To fasten the bags, I used a narrow woven band. This is looped around the pouch and tucked under. The idea is not mine.  My friend Tamaki made me a beautiful pouch for a heddle and used this simple system for fastening.

The Pouch

Here is the finished pouch. 

The material is handwoven cotton.  I made some cushion covers and overestimated how much material I would need.  The extra material was in my sewing box and I thought that it would be ideal for a pouch.  I lined the pouch with a pink cotton material which I had bought in a sale.

Weaving the narrow band for the ties. 

I wove the band on my Swedish band loom.

My Swedish band loom

 The first length was 4.4 m which was enough for 6 ties. The band is woven using 162 Swedish cotton.
4.4 m of narrow band
There are 33 warp ends using five colours.  The weft is burgundy and the same shade as the selvedge.

Here is the drawdown and warp chart.

Drawdown for the band

Warp chart for the woven band for fastening the bag.
There are 33 warp ends in total.  I used 16/2 cotton in five colours. These colours match the handwoven material for the bag.

The finished pouch.

Heddle and shuttle

A new use for woven bands.

It was my birthday recently and a friend gave me a present which came in a lovely paper carrier bag.

A lovely carrier bag.
It was too good to throw away. The present was lovely as well!

close up of the band
The band is a simple vertical stripe in two colours, white and pink in cotton. Each stripe has 12 warp ends.

close up of the fastenings
The ends of the bands has been finished with plastic tubes.  A very neat way of ending the band.  The plastic tubes  are called aglets and are used for shoe laces.


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Weaving Hearts and Flowers using the double slotted heddle to weave patterned bands with 11 and 13 pattern threads.

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Happy Weaving

Susan J Foulkes  July 2019