Band weaving with 15 pattern threads

Using the XL Sunna double slotted heddle.

Both sides of the woven band.

This band can be woven using the XL Sunna double slotted heddle.  The heddle has shorter slots for 17 pattern threads.

The 15 pattern threads should be at least double the thickness of the background and border threads.  For this band, I used a pattern thread three times the thickness of the rest of the threads so that the pattern would be more prominent. The weft should be the same thickness as the background and border threads. The weft should be the same colour as the background threads so that it does not show in the pattern area of the band.

To weave a band with 15 pattern threads, the heddle has to be threaded leaving some slots empty. In this diagram the pattern threads are coloured red and numbered.

The threading diagram for 15 pattern threads using a double slotted heddle.

Note that one shorter pattern slot and longer slot are left empty at either side.  This ensures that the threading for the border threads is correct.

The same pattern can be woven using a standard heddle or on an inkle loom.  Here is the threading. For this weave structure, the centre pattern thread is always threaded through the centre hole of the heddle. When using an inkle loom, the hole = heddled and the slot = unheddled.

The threading diagram for 15 pattern threads using a standard heddle.

Here is the pattern draft.

In this diagram, only the coloured pattern threads are shown.  There are 38 picks for the pattern repeat.

For pick one, the heddle should be raised.  The coloured pattern threads on the diagram should be picked up and brought to the surface.

Raise the heddle on the odd numbered picks.
Lower the heddle on the even numbered picks.

To see the weaving process in action, look at my YouTube video: Using the XL Sunna heddle.

Weaving process:

To weave using the double slotted heddle:

1. Open the shed by raising or lowering the heddle.
2. Insert the shuttle and pick up the correct pattern threads according to the pattern draft using the tip of the shuttle.
3. Beat with the side of the shuttle and check the selection.
4. Leave the shuttle in the shed and adjust the weft from the previous pick.  (You can also check the width of the band). You should pull the weft through so that the selvedge is even.  The weft pulls the warp ends close together.
5. Take the shuttle through, leaving a loop of weft on the opposite side.

Durham Weaver

July 2014


  1. nevermind, i figured it out... i am using the sigga24 and it's working :)

  2. is it possible to weave pattern bands using a regular rigid heddle loom? I have an Ashford that I have woven on for a few years now, but not with band patterns. I have ordered the Sunna heddle, but wonder about weaving with more pattern threads then comes with the size of heddle I have bought. I also have a Scandinavian floor loom that is over 100 years old and on which I weave various cloth but again not bands - are the patterns adaptable to any of this?

    1. HI. Yes it is possible to weave patterned bands using a rigid heddle loom. Look at the section Setting up a small loom to weave narrow bands for hints about winding the warp onto the back beam. On the loom you will see a standard heddle in use. When weaving, you need to keep the heddle as far back as possible from the fell of the weaving. It is not used to beat, use the edge of the shuttle. I have not tried weaving patterned bands on a large floor loom with a standard heddle but I think that it should be possible.
      I hope that this answer helps.

      No it is not possible to put 15 pattern threads onto a 13 pattern slot Sunna heddle. You can use a standard heddle.

      Susan J Foulkes

  3. p.s. I thank you very much for your blog and videos - very well done and very interesting. Best Wishes

  4. Thank you so much for this reply and advice - I will experiment and perhaps be able to send you good news and a photo if I do well! Best Wishes

  5. I would love to hear about your weaving adventures.

  6. Is it permitted to ask here if you know why Blurb is not allowing me to download the book Weaving Sami band, to my IPad. I am eager to get the patterns for wider heddles

  7. It should download easily. Send an email message to Blurb through their help section. I am sure they will sort it out.
    Susan J Foulkes


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