Saturday, 1 February 2020

book reprint

STOP PRESS!      Reprint

This lovely book by Barbro Wallin was first published in 2012. It has been unavailable for some time.   Barbro informed me that it has just been reprinted!

Here is a description of the beautifully illustrated book. It is in Swedish but the diagrams make it easy to understand.

This beautifully illustrated book is published by the Zorn Museum in Mora, Sweden. It is in Swedish but the band patterns are clearly set out. Barbro has carefully recorded the bands that she has woven over many years.  The bands are woven on a Swedish band loom using coloured heddles to choose the pattern threads.  The bands use a threading which has three background threads in between each pattern thread.

When I visited Sweden a number of years ago, I met Barbro.  She is a lovely lady, and a very skilled weaver and teacher.  She let me try her loom - although I was not very successful!  Her band records are filed neatly and are so meticulous. It puts me to shame.

She was generous with her time and took me to see some of the nearby sights as well as a guided tour of the museum.

Here are some of the samples that she kindly gave to me.  It is a real privilege to have some of her own woven bands.

Two samples given to me by Barbro

Here is her Facebook page about this type of weaving.                          

Do check out my Facebook page for pictures of the Sami winter Market in Jokkmokk. The market is open for three days but earlier in the week there are a number of handcraft exhibitions which open on Monday. 

Happy Weaving for 2020.

Susan J Foulkes  February 2020