Friday, 1 October 2021

Using up yarn.

 Last year I went through  my stash of yarn.  It has reached mountainous proportions.  I found a collection of tussah silk yarns left over from a weaving project.  The amounts were too small to make a scarf but i thought that i would make a neck shawl.

I  used to crochet a lot but weaving took over.  I found my set of crochet hooks and the old copies of Mon Tricot that I had kept from the early 1970's.  I had previously sorted these and threw a lot away.  On looking through the issues I had kept I found that I had crocheted many of the items in them. I was particularly fond of shawls.

I made this shawl a few years ago. I used a whole cone of acrylic textured yarn.  

This time I was crocheting something much smaller.  I found a pattern I liked.  Originally I had crocheted this in blue wool - so many years ago that I no longer have it.  

I loved my circular shawl, but this time it was going to be much smaller - a neck scarf. 

It is lovely and feels so soft.  It is now cold enough to wear it. 

Looking through the old copies of Mon Tricot there were some quite amazing items.  Crocheted bikinis anyone?

A local shop sells vintage clothing and their window display are beautiful.   A few weeks ago they actually had two crocheted bikinis for sale.

Actually I have to confess that I took a selection of some of my old 70's garments into this shop to see if they wanted any of them.  They ended up as part of the window display. These bright hipster flares were all the rage. I cannot believe that I actually wore them in public!

Fortunately shawls do not seem to date quite as much fashion items.

Susan J Foulkes  October 2021

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