Thursday, 1 November 2018

Braid Society Exhibition, Workshop and AGM

The AGM for the Braid Society was held in the Gateway Education Centre in Shrewsbury.

Gateway Education Centre in Shrewsbury

This Arts Centre is also hosting an exhibition of members work.  I have put a short video on my Facebook page but here are some close up photographs of some of the exhibits. If you can get to the exhibition, you will find a fascinating range of work from 3D hangings to practical garments made with a variety of techniques.

display in the window at the entrance. 

exhibition room
The exhibition room is beautifully lit and the exhibits looked stunning in this setting. A lot of work had been put in to set up this display of items by members of the Braid Society.

The vibrant jacket - I want one!

Close up of jacket by Jaquie Carey
The jacket is a splash of colour. I remember seeing the work in progress for this garment.  It took many many hours of work.

Bridget's carpet slippers and Ian's archery strap.
These comfortable carpet slippers are made with carpet wool on an inkle loom. The archery strap is tablet woven.

The Return of the Owl by Anne Dyer .

Two of my woven crios 

The Workshop

 On Friday, I ran a workshop where participants could learn to weave and to design pattern with 9 pattern threads.

The heddle is a specially designed double slotted heddle with shorter lots for 9 pattern threads. It can be also be used to weave patterns with 7 and 5 pattern threads.
The 9 pattern slot heddle is an ideal way for beginners to learn to weave patterned bands.  Even if you are experienced, this heddle is an excellent way to introduce non-weavers to the delights of producing creative woven bands.
Why not teach someone else to weave?

ready warped heddles
Here are eight of the warps I made for the workshop.  I decided to use bright colours which were inspired by volcanic lava flow. One end of the warp is tied tightly and a loop fixed around the warp. This loop is attached to the G-clamp on the table.

setting up the room

a Shacht cricket loom
 Two participants used their own small rigid heddle looms. These are ideal with the narrow 9 pattern thread heddle.

A comfortable weaving position.
 A comfortable weaving position is important.  Kay found it easier to sit on the floor.

Concentrating hard
Most participants used a g-clamp on the table to attach their warp. In the afternoon, everyone tried design work and then had the option of weaving their own design or following a pattern.  By the end of the day, the work produced was wonderful.

Talk: My Takadai Journey to the third level and beyond.

After the AGM, Jennie Parry gave an inspirational talk.

Setting up for the talk

Jennie provided some beautiful items for us to examine. As you can see, her pieces are three dimensional and move. Hearing about her creative weaving journey was a real inspiration for all of us.

Some of the wonderful samples Jennie provided.

The takadai

Strands: the Journal of the Braid Society

Finally, the latest edition of Strands, the Journal of the Braid Society was available. If you are not a member  of the Braid Society, it is worth joining for the Journal with its range of expertise shown in the various articles each year and access to a a group of lively craft minded individuals with a range of interests.

The Braid Society is easy to join. Here is the web address so that you can check out the details.

Susan J Foulkes November 2018

Here is the address of my Facebook page so that you can see the short video.

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  1. Inspiring work, I wish I lived close enough to visit. That jacket is beautiful.


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