Saturday, 1 October 2016

More scarves

I love to weave scarves.

I wove two Tussah silk scarves for the Crushed Chilli Gallery.  Janet has a glass studio but also a shop which sells high quality crafts made by local crafts people.

The Crushed Chilli gallery in Durham UK.
My two scarves in the gallery.

Here are the two scarves displayed in the gallery.

This lovely Tussah silk is beautiful to weave and has a soft feel. I bought it a few years ago and it is part of my 'stash' which I am trying to reduce. One of the problems with being a weaver is that wherever I go I see lovely yarn and want to buy some. Such lovely colours or textures or well, any excuse really!

The tussah silk is 20/2.

Here is a close up of the weave structure using a contrasting weft in grey.

Here I used the same colours as the warp and it was woven as drawn in.

The pattern is called pinwheel. It is a simple pattern but very effective. I love the crossed floats in the warp and weft.

drawdown for pinwheel pattern.

The drawndown shows two colours, blue and white.  There are eight shafts for the pattern.

Peacock Feather pattern.

I have also been weaving a scarf for a friend.  I used three strands of coloured silk for the warp and shaded the warp from blue to pink.  The weft is a silk/cashmere yarn which makes the feel of the finished scarf very soft.

Here is the scarf on the loom.  
 It was very quick to weave once I got started. The pattern is the peacock feather pattern I used in a previous blog. Here is the link:

The blog contains the pattern.

There are 16 shafts and a pattern repeat of 54 picks.

This scarf was woven as a present.

Susan J Foulkes October 2016

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  1. What lovely weaving! I love scarves too, and I'm just getting back to weaving them. Thanks for giving me some inspiration to get going!


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