Sunday, 1 May 2016

I can weave a rainbow

Rainbow colours

 are so evocative. 

I wove this rug many years ago when I had my sturdy 8 shaft countermarche Toika loom.  I loved weaving rugs but the physicality of weaving and beating so hard proved too much. I changed to my present loom which is not suitable for rug weaving, but offers an infinite variety of patterns to weave with its 32 shafts.

My rainbow rug
The rug has pride of place in the lounge. It is woven in double weave so the back of the rug makes a different pattern to the front.  It can be used on both sides.

reverse of rug 
I particularly enjoyed the finishing of the warp ends.  Perter Collingwood's book on the Techniques of Rug Making offers a variety of different ways of finishing a rug.  For this one I chose to hide all the ends by weaving them back into the rug with a long rug needle.  It took a long time to do but I like the effect. The edge is very smooth. The rug does not curl up but lies flat on the carpet as it is such a heavy quality.

edging of the rug

More tea towels.

Rainbow colours can be used in other ways.

I use a lot of cottolin in my weaving.  I have a lot of small amounts on spools which I thought that I could use up in designing rainbow tea towels.

Oddments of yarn

Chart of cottolin colours.

There were a lot of colours!

I arranged the spools in a line so that I could decide how best to use the colours. To produce an effective check I divided the colours into groups of three. For each group of three, I used a colour for which I had the most yarn. The centre colour would also be used for the weft to produce the check.

I decided to make a warp with coloured stripes.

Striped warp on the loom
It was a good way of using up small quantities of yarn.  The sett is 20 epi for cottolin which is the equivalent of 8/2 cotton.

Here is a close up of one of the towels.

Each colour is used for 10 warp ends.  Each group of three is 30 warp ends which makes  1.5 inches.
For each group of three colours, the centre colour is also used for the weft to make a check pattern.

Weaving a narrow hanging tag. 

Of course I had to weave a matching rainbow hanging tag. There are 36 warp ends.

draw down for hanging tag. 

Shading colours for a warp faced narrow band.

If you want to shade colours across the warp for a warp faced narrow band, thread the colours in groups of three.  This melds the shades together. I used a red weft which shows as a dotted colour accent along one selvedge. Here is the finished band.

Rainbow tag for tea towels

And here are the towels.  I wove some with coloured weft and some with a white weft.

Two tea towels in my kitchen

Rainbow colours brighten up any room.

Happy weaving

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Susan J Foulkes May 2016


  1. That is a great idea as I am sitting here with several small bits of cottolin. I really like working with it. Thank you. The rainbow rugs are SO fun!

  2. Reading and watching YouTube ... Thank you for teaching ... Hello from Nova Scotia, Canada


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