Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Fashionable Woven Bands

Wandering through the centre of Durham in January, I saw a white coat in a shop window. Around the waist was a lovely black and white woven band.  I went inside the shop and it was part of the coat not a belt to be bought separately.

Black and white woven belt.
It is really lovely.  It has 27 patterns threads.  Here is a close up.

Close up of pattern

It is very unusual to see a woven belt on a garment.

The pattern is lovely but I have not had time to analyse it yet.
Here is a close up of one of the motifs.  The white pattern on a black background is very striking.

The ends of the belt were finished with a simple fringe.

A few weeks later they had this jacket in the window.  Such lovely patterns on the cuffs.  They are reminiscent of band patterns.

Geometric designs are fashionable at the moment.

I have just received the latest Journal for Weavers, Spinner and Dyers.

Go to the web page for details   www.thejournalforwsd.org.uk

I have a book review published in this edition.

Die fabelhafte Welt der brettchengewebten Stola und Manipel zu St. Donat, Arlon
By Claudia Wollny
Published by Claudia Wollny edition.  Paperback 128 pages
ISBN 978-3-00-047682-2

This beautifully illustrated book is in four languages German, French, English and Dutch.  Her web site is lovely   http://www.brettchenweben.com/ and will be of interest to all tablet weavers.

Susan J Foulkes  March 2016

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