Saturday, 19 September 2015

What is on my loom: September

Weaving Scarves for the Autumn Season.

Some years ago, I bought three cones of baby alpaca yarn.  It is very fine and weaves beautifully.  It was a 'mill end' so I cannot buy any more.  The only label inside says Inca Tops which is not very informative but it is from Peru.

I had to sample the yarn to find out what sett to use.  I found that using a sett of 24 epi for a Huck Lace threading it works beautifully.

Warp and weft 2.28 alpaca in black with red and grey for the stripes.

Sett at 24 epi for huck lace

12 dent reed at 2 per dent.  See Best of weavers Huck lace page 18

I tried two samples - one in all over lace and one in spot lace with plain weave squares.  The second looked better. The weave draft is given below.

I only had smaller quantities of the red and grey left so I used them in stripes at the edges of the scarf for emphasis.

The plain weave border is sett at three per dent in a 12 dent reed so that the border would be tighter.

The Huck lace patterning gives a lovely drape to the scarf and the yarn is so soft and cuddly.  Just the thing for colder weather.

Scarf and book

Huck Lace

This book is published by Interweave Press. The editor is Madelyn van der Hoogt and it was first published in 2000
ISBN 1-893762-01-7

The book has some basic theory for weaving and designing drafts. There are many projects and ideas for how this lovely weave structure can be used to best effect.

September 2015

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  1. Thank you! I've never woven anything in Huck but this looks tempting and do-able.


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