Band weaving with 7 pattern threads

Using a Sunna double slotted heddle with 7 pattern threads.

The double slotted heddle is available in smaller sizes of 5, 7 and 9 shorter slots for patterns threads.  These heddles can be used with a back strap, in a box loom or on a larger inkle loom.

The Sunna heddle with 7 pattern slots set up to weave with a backstrap.

Here is a portion of the graphic design on the Weave Fair poster.

This pattern can be looked at in two ways; one with a pink pattern and one with a black pattern.

On the left is the pattern draft for 7 pink pattern threads. The pattern threads are twice as thick as the background and weft threads.The weft thread is black and shows at the pink selvedge as a black dot.  There are 36 picks for the pattern repeat.

The pink pattern is on a black background.

On the right is the pattern draft  for 7 black pattern threads.  The pattern threads are twice as thick as the background and weft thread. The weft is pink and shows at the black selvedge as a pink dot.

The black pattern is on a pink background.

Can you see how the two patterns are related?

It is easier to see when you examine the woven bands.

Two faces of the pink pattern.

Two faces of the black pattern.

As you can see, the two patterns are the same.  It depends upon which design is woven on the top.

Here is the threading diagram for the 7 Sunna double slotted heddle.

Threading for the 7 Sunna double slotted heddle.

The 7 pattern threads are numbered and are indicated in red.  They should be at least twice as thick as the background and border threads.  You can use as many border threads as there are slots and holes in the heddle.

If you wish to use a standard heddle or an inkle loom, here is the threading.

Threading for a standard heddle or an inkle loom.
For an inkle loom, the heddled threads are indicated by the hole and the unheddled threads by the slot. Note that the centre pattern thread is always threaded through the centre hole in the heddle. When you raise the heddle, the centre pattern thread 4 (and pattern threads 2 and 6) will appear on the surface.  When using the pattern draft, you may have to bring up a pattern thread from the bottom layer or push down a pattern thread from the top layer to weave the pattern.  See my YouTube video: Weaving narrow warp faced bands.

Happy weaving.

Durham Weaver August 2014

Look at the section on equipment stockists to see where the double slotted heddle can be purchased. 

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