Workshop June 2017 in Devon, UK

The Old Kennels in Devon is hosting a workshop on

Swedish Band Weaving.

Thursday 15th June and Friday 16th June 2017


Susan J Foulkes

This two day workshop will provide and opportunity to learn how to weave patterned bands using a double slotted heddle and backstrap. A seemingly infinite variety of patterns can be produced on narrow bands. The workshop will cover the basics of weaving these patterned bands: how to start, finish and pick up patterns. £130 (materials included, heddles and shuttles will be available for use and purchase)

This workshop is an opportunity for beginners to try a new craft or for more experienced weavers to extend their skills.  The workshop numbers are limited to eight, so it will be possible to tailor the workshop for individual needs and skills. There is a waiting list for places.

I am looking forward to spending two days teaching a skill that I love so much.

I will be bringing ready warped heddles and shuttles so that everyone can start weaving quickly. These will be available to purchase after the workshop.

I will be bringing a selection of woven bands from Sweden - some I have woven myself and others are original bands.  The variety is amazing.  Band weavers in Sweden were very accomplished and produced a range of bands from different purposes and in different materials. I will also bring lots of photographs and scans of Swedish woven bands.

I have put together a programme of activities for each day but this will be flexible according to need. Most of all I hope you will have lots of fun learning this creative craft.

Day One

  • Learned how to set up a backstrap and rigid heddle in a good weaving position.
  • Start to weave a selection of heart and flower patterns or knots and meanders.
  • Started a band neatly.
  • Learned how to add in a new weft thread.
  • Gained a good understanding of the pattern draft and weave structure. 
  • Examined a range of different woven bands from Sweden.

Day Two

  • Opportunity to weave more patterns of choice. 
  • Learn how to make a warp and thread the heddle.
  • Learned how to finish a band neatly.
  • Examined different ways of finishing bands such as decorative tassels and knots.
  • Learned about lettering and started to weave a letter.
  • Learned how to design a decorative border.

In addition, I have a pattern draft for a bookmark which can be started or taken away to weave at home. Each person will have a book of pattern drafts of either hearts and flowers or knots and meanders depending upon experience.

There will be a lot of handouts so bring a file to keep them organised!  Pencils, coloured pencils,some blank sheets of paper and scissors would also be useful. There will be blank pattern charts for copying patterns in a larger format.

Do not forget a camera.  A picture is worth a thousand words and I am happy for you to take pictures of my woven bands.  Also, it is useful to take pictures of weaving in progress.

Do take a look at my blog and Pinterest site where I have a board about Swedish band weaving and costume.

Do take a look at the other workshops available at this lovely venue.

The Old Kennels,
Devon, EX14 4RW
tel. 01823 681138

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