Oriental Museum lecture Wed. 8th February 2017

'Dressing to Impress': Chinese Formal and Informal Costume and Dress Accessories (Qing Dynasty 1644 - 1911)Lecture by David Rosier.

Wednesday 8th February 2017 at 7:30
Venue: Lindisfarne Centre, St Aidan's College, Windmill Hill (just up the road from the Oriental museum).
Durham University.

If you have seen my blog for  December 2015,  you will know that this promises to be a wonderful lecture.  David has an extensive collection of textiles and brings a selection to his lectures for the audience to gain a closer look and hence an appreciation of the skill in making them. 

Here is the link to my previous blog for his talk about Dragon Imagery in Chinese Imperial Textiles.

Do come along.

I asked David is he had some images to advertise this lecture and he kindly sent me two beautiful examples of the embroideries that he will be talking about in his talk. 

The first is an Insignia of Rank Badge for a Second Rank Civil Official (Mandarin) Depicting a Golden Pheasant - the bird representative of this rank. Early 19th Century.

Insignia of Rank Badge for a Second Rank Civil Official (Mandarin)

The second image is of a 19th Century embroidered Mirror Cover incorporating silk brocade pieces dating from the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). The figures around the edge are fascinating.

19th Century embroidered Mirror Cover

After the last talk by David I was inspired to design and make a peacock scarf.  I wonder want will catch my imagination this time.

This lecture is one of a series organised by the Friends of the Oriental Museum.

 The Friends of the Oriental Museum support the Museum in a number of ways. They help the Museum to acquire new objects for the collections and volunteer on museum projects such as cataloguing the departmental library. The Friends also arrange a series of talks each term which are open to members and non- members.

For information on forthcoming talks and how to join the Friends and support the museum, 
click here;

The lecture last night was as interesting, informative and colourful as David's previous talk.  I will be preparing a blog about the talk to be posted later.

Susan J Foulkes Feb 2017

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