Sunday, 1 February 2015

Weaving Hearts

A Heart for Everyone.

It is nearly Valentines Day so I thought that I would post a few ideas for weaving hearts.

Woven bookmarks in cotton
These simple woven bands make lovely bookmarks.  Go to the instructions for band weaving with eleven pattern threads on this blog for details of a draft for a heart pattern. There is also a heart pattern for 13 pattern threads.

Sunna heddle and standard heddle.

You can weave these patterns on a standard heddle or a double slotted Sunna heddle.The carved wooden heddle is from the  Vävkompaniet hand craft shop and is made by Åke Erlandsson, who is eighty years old.

Tea towels with love.

The second way of weaving hearts is by a supplementary weft technique.  Here are two tea towels which have been woven with a border of joined hearts.

For the full weaving instructions including the matching narrow woven band, look at Handwoven magazine for Nov/Dec 2014, Vol 172, no 5, pages 66 - 68   The Heart of the Swedish Band Weaving Tradition.

The weave instructions show how to weave a heart border, but by varying the treadling you can weave more complicated patterns.  Here is a close up of one example.

The tea towel with a wide border.

close up of border

Wrap yourself in hearts.

The third way of weaving heart patterns is by using a huck lace threading. I wove four heart scarves in different yarns: silk/linen mix, silk, baby camel and baby alpaca, which I sell in a local gallery.

Four huck lace heart scarves
I really like the effect of the heart patterns which go in different directions. This draft uses 16 shafts.

Here is the weaving drawdown for eight shafts.  This gives a column of hearts all facing in the same direction. The drawdown gives one pattern repeat plus a border of plain weave.

Felt Hearts

Felt hearts
These felt hearts were made using templates in my book Christmas Hearts.  Lots of templates for these shapes are also available on the internet to download.
I used the felt hearts to make pincushions.  They can also be appliqued to make a decoration.

My heart bag with woven strap.
I enjoyed the challenge of making this bag. The original blue bag was given to me at the Braid Society Conference in Manchester in 2012. I deliberately chose a plain bag so that I could embellish it later.

The idea for the design came from the lovely 19th century examples in Swedish museums.  Many designs use appliqued hearts.  Most bags are identified with initials and the date they were made. Why not sign your own work?

The strap uses a variety of heart motifs using 13 pattern threads.

Happy Weaving

with love from

Susan J Foulkes               February 2015

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